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 Various Suggestions ;

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Various Suggestions ; Empty
PostSubject: Various Suggestions ;   Various Suggestions ; EmptyFri Apr 18, 2014 12:05 pm

Suggestion #1 ; Items Room Update.

In the items room, there's a lot of items that I noticed aren't used very often and have been there since the start of The Complex a number of years ago. Moreover, a lot of the items have been seen / used in BaH's for years. I think some new, fresh items from around the internet would be very nice to see. Also, I think it would be nice to add "seating" command to take you to the same areas as "pillows", as most people are used to saying "seating" or "comfort".

Suggestion #2 ; Thorough website update - especially the rules.

I hate to be harsh, but the website is very painfully out of date and I think it would be a huge help if someone (or even a group of people) were assigned to update it. For example, a brand new banner and skin would do a world of wonders.  However, there are some things on the website that I believe are causing some major problems within the dream. For example, in the Staff Application, it requests you answer the following two questions:

How often should Apartment Checks be held?
When is it OK to AFK behind the desk?

I don't believe it's very fair to have these on the application, as the answer to the first question isn't listed anywhere on the website. The answer to the second question isn't answered either, as it specifically says "behind" the desk - which is never okay for patrons to AFK behind there. The answer for "How often can guests afk around the desk" is listed on the website, but there isn't a rule for how long staff can be there. I've been told it's thirty minutes, but without it being clearly listed on the website, it can cause some serious problems and misunderstandings - especially between staff members. I'd aslo suggest maybe putting a set limit on how many alts staff members can have share on, and have them all listed openly on the Staff List. Otherwise, it's hard for guests to tell who can and who can't help them, and it's confusing to know who is and isn't allowed to be on / behind the desk.

Suggestion #3; Desk Update.

This one has been bothering me for years, to be honest. Ever since TC was created, the desk has had four sides - three of which are never used. Staff are always positioned toward the front of the desk, and the desk front is usually filled with people who are only there to talk and don't need help. When someone does come along, it's hard to help them as a lot of the chat that goes on at the desk is very quick and it's easy to miss when someone's asking for help. There's tiny little areas (such as by the TV) that have 2-3 seats, but I think this should be updated to have maybe 6 - 10 seats to reflect the amount of people at the desk. Friends like to sit with friends, and I don't think such a small amount of seats is enough to accomodate the volume of people at the desk. Seeing that only one side of the desk is used, it more or less doesn't have enough chairs to fit everyone. This leads to people cluttering the area in front of the desk, so people can't walk around without going the long way around the desk.

What I'm suggesting:

- > Remove 3 sides of the desk, and maybe push it against a wall to free up the center of the room for something else.
- > Alternatively, you could make the desk longer but thinner, and remove a section of the "staff afk pillows" so that staff can see all sides of the desk.
- > Put rules in place that, if there's more than X amount of furres at the desk, anyone who doesn't need help needs to move elsewhere.
- > Make the areas around the desk, such as by the TV, larger and put more pillows in.
- > Please remove the animated cat items, they're really distracting. ; m ;

I've got plenty more suggestions, but I think this'll do fine for now. c: Please let me know what you think?

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Various Suggestions ; Empty
PostSubject: Re: Various Suggestions ;   Various Suggestions ; EmptyFri Apr 18, 2014 11:28 pm

Never. This is outrageous I don't like it >:C! Omg. -flips table-

Naw seriously though, that's a good thought. I shall work on that after I'm done with the easter stuff and I shall fix le desk. I shall also make a doorway to the staff room so people can afk in the staff room without having to use a teleport command to get there, if that makes it better :P I have a perfect idea.

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Various Suggestions ; K0q048 Zero <33 Vampire Knight Forever
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Various Suggestions ; Empty
PostSubject: Re: Various Suggestions ;   Various Suggestions ; EmptyMon Apr 21, 2014 4:32 pm

LOL. Then take the suggestions off the website. /flips table the other way. xD

Thank you. c: I'm not too sure how well the current desk flows, it's a little bit too large and it seems to be causing some problems. I think it might just need to be played around with, and maybe some stricter rules? They seem to be getting broken quite often. ;; I can give off more suggestions, if you need. Just ask~!
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Various Suggestions ; Empty
PostSubject: Re: Various Suggestions ;   Various Suggestions ; EmptyTue Apr 22, 2014 9:35 am

I have to agree with Dai's suggestion for the desk. And I don't think the new desk is working.
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Various Suggestions ; Empty
PostSubject: Re: Various Suggestions ;   Various Suggestions ; Empty

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Various Suggestions ;
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