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 Apartment Check Rules

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PostSubject: Apartment Check Rules   Apartment Check Rules EmptySat Apr 19, 2014 12:00 am

Here's a list of the Apartment Check Rules for Patrons and Staff members, so if there's any confusions people can look here!

1: Apartment checks are usually held every 4 hours if the staff feel they are needed.

2: Please make sure to be in your yard for a apartment check, and visible so that a staff member can see you! If you are hiding behind a item or something they may not see you and your apartment could be cleared by accident.

3: After 2 hours, please make sure your apartment is fully decorated, that includes the yard. If we are super busy and apartments are in high demand peoples apartments who aren't in use will be cleared.

4: If you feel your apartment was wrongfully cleared during a apartment check, please come to the desk and ask a staff member why they cleared your apartment, and make sure to ask the person who ran the apartment check, that way there isn't confusion. If your apartment was wrongfully cleared it will be sold back to you.

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Apartment Check Rules
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