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 Propositions & Other suggestions.

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So, what do you think of these?
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What about ____? (comment below!)
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You're bossy. . _ . Shoosh and stop spamming the suggestions.
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Propositions & Other suggestions. Empty
PostSubject: Propositions & Other suggestions.   Propositions & Other suggestions. EmptyTue Apr 29, 2014 2:48 am

Suggestion # 1 ; Website Update / Overhaul.

I know I've mentioned several suggestions to do with this both formally, as well as off-handedly. However, I believe it's in serious need of updates as the information on it is causing problems amongst staff members as well as guests within the dream. I do feel like I'm pestering for this one, but I also haven't recieved a response so I'll bring it up again in a little more detail.

Edit ; Ang and I spoke briefly while I was writing this. I didn't want to delete all the other suggestions, so I'll just be keeping this up here if that's alright. c:

Quote :
Item One: Dream Rating.

As the rules clearly state, the dream is within a T+ rating - which I see no problem with, whatsoever. However, due to the increasing number of problems at the desk and people constantly feeling trolled / otherwise offended at the desk on both sides (staff and guests), I think the rating should be lowered to E8+ at the desk. People have been triggered several times for panic attacks at the desk, and I know quite a few people present suffer from them. I don't believe this behaviour is acceptable, and people aren't being warned / ejected appropriately. While, yes, it has toned down in the last week - the problem is still present.

Suggested Fixes:

- > Lower the rating of the desk area to E8+.

Item Two: Equality.

Alright, I'll be re-wording this now that I see both sides of the story! From a patrons view, they're not permitted to read staff rules so they're unsure of what staff are and are not permitted to do. To guests within our dream, I believe this sends out the message that staff have no rules that they need to follow. Even if they ARE breaking rules, they have no means of knowing what is and isn't allowed and can't report them properly. A lot of guests have complained they feel baited, while in many cases (but not all) this isn't true, it's clear there is some miscommunication. I personally felt a little threatened when I wasn't staff, when I saw something very clearly in the rules stating guests can't insult staff, but there was nothing on it being the other way around. I understand that, yes, it is against the rules - however, I've seen staff insult guests previously, and guests have no way of knowing. It's creating a lot of unease and tension.

For the sake of an example, staff aren't permitted to summon user(s) without permisison unless required. More often than not, it's not required. I, personally, have been summoned several times without permission and without reason. While I understand, and am flattered, by people wanting to cuddle - I absolutely loathe being summoned without permission and I see it as an abuse of share. But, I couldn't report it as I wasn't given a way to report the staff member(s) who summoned me.

What I suggest to fix this, is to bring the rules out into the open - for example, staff aren't permitted to summon people unless required without permission. I, personally, have been summoned without permission several times and without reason. While I understand people wanting to cuddle, I hate being summoned and I do see it as an abuse of share. However, I had no idea who summoned me and thus, was given no way to report said staff member(s). For things like the !summon command, it should clearly emit who summoned them, as well as the FST time they were summoned. Staff m

Suggested Fixes;

- > Bring the staff rules, at least the ones that have anything to do with patrons, into the open.
- > Please ensure the website is updated regularly!
- > Update all rules so they're easier to understand, as well as enforced.
- > Outline a clear list of punishments for both staff, and patrons - and the order in which punishment(s) will be given.
- > The !Summon command should emit the FST time, as well as the summoner to whomever was summoned. Summoners should require a reason to summon as well, which should also be emitted to whomever was summoned. Wishing to cuddle someone shouldn't be an acceptable reason - people have a choice! Not fair to take it away. :)

Item Three: Website Management

Examples ;

- > Staff list is quite often out of date.
- >  "Insulting staff members is a major offense. They are here to make the dream run more efficiently, and do not have to be subject to disrespect. If you have a problem with a certain staff member, whisper Angel Feathers about it and she'll try to sort out the situation. However, openly insulting a staff member in the dream will lead to immediate ejection from the dream after only one warning. "

This rule causes serious amounts of confusion, due to odd wording and unclear meaning. The main reason of this being, "immediate" and "after one warning" being used in the same sentence. This causes confusion, and open ends for miscommunication as someone can interpret the rule in either direction. This leads to fights, between both the staff member(s) and the guest(s).

4: Do NOT spam the dream with ads or text.

Perhaps this should be reworded to; "Do not spam the dream in any way, shape, or form - including but not limited to, advertisements and text. " It would also be a good idea to comment on fast chatter, and clarify how quickly people are allowed to talk as some people might consider person X filling up the entire chatbox with their own speech, or coming close to. However, person Y believes spam is only when they post the same thing repeatedly. Person Y recieves a warning, and the fight ensues. You're welcome to use my wording for the rule, if you'd like - you've got permission. :) Just please add further clarification!

5: Only ask for an apartment if the apartment you want has a forrent sign in front of it and you are sure that there is no apartment check going on.

.. /eyetwitch. Space, please.. ;; .. I'd also suggest adding in they can't ask when a perm sign is out front, and the command to check  the AC Status.

6: You can only have one apartment at a time. Don't ask for another unless you put your apartment back up forrent by asking staff, or when you lose it at an apartment check.

Maybe include they can't have one on alts, as well? c:

7: T+ at the desk. If you are found making obnoxiously crude sexual references, excessively swearing or going anything above a T+ rating at the desk, you will be given two warnings before being ejected from the dream. If this becomes a daily occurrence you will be banned.

I believe this should reflect what's written in the staff section, as well. o w o

: The desk has an AFK time limit of 10 minutes. If you have afk'd over this amount of time while directly around the desk, you will be afk-pushed. The couch area by the tv and the surrounding tables with chairs do not count as 'directly around the desk'.

- > There's been so many issues with this rule, as patrons aren't aware the AFK limit time of staff members and thus feel favouritism is being taken. Which, is understandable. I also reccomend updating this so that it reflects the current layout of the dream.
- > People whine constantly when they're afkpushed, on both sides. While, yes, nobody likes it - it'd be nice if people were requested to not be around the desk area if they don't need help, as it's a little childish to whine? ^^; ..
- > I was told of a suggestion for an !AFKTime command, but perhaps in the meantime, furres without their afk time in their desc should be pushed right away?
- > People have different views on a "busy desk". Perhaps, the rules should reflect how many staff / patrons need to be present for the desk to be considered "busy", or how many seats need to be taken for it to be considered "busy"?  With clear paramiters, people can't really argue. c:

There's honestly tons, tons more I see with the website. ;; The staff rules themselves appear to be a little all over the place, and don't really make much sense and are as hard to read. I would suggest maybe re-wording and fully updating all the rules in all sections?

Suggestion # 2 ; Apartments

In light of the apartments hardly being used, I would perhaps suggest to remove some of them? It would be nice to see some new, interesting things introduced into the dream. You could bring in some gardens, or even give apartments second or even third floors? This said, I don't think they need to be made any bigger - they're pretty huge. But having some levels introduced within some of them (especially if they have the odd floors on the edge(s) of the maps), would be nice!

.. Okay, I had three more suggestions but it's taking me forever to write this and I'm tired. ;; Please feel free to respond below! I'd love to discuss these, patrons and staff alike. <3 This dream can only get better if people step up and use their voice(s), no? c:

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Propositions & Other suggestions. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Propositions & Other suggestions.   Propositions & Other suggestions. EmptyTue Apr 29, 2014 11:28 am

I like all the suggestions, only thing that has me hesitating is lowering the desk standards to E8+. Working in dreams where the desk is E8+ and other parts of the dream are a higher standard (not just inside the home, but the dream in general) can cause some miscommunication and lead to fights between staff and patrons too. E8+ is difficult to enforce in my experience because between T+ and E8, T+ is much more carefree in the sense that it's ok to throw out the occasional cussword (within reason) and make silly jokes, and most people know the boundaries, such as no talk of yiff, non-consensual sex, and otherwise listed in the standards page. If we lowered it to E8 and someone cracked a naughty joke, we'd have to reprimand them even though they weren't insulting anyone or doing anything bad, really. E8+ basically means "everyone 8 years and older" and knowing that the majority of the dream population is in their early 20s, I feel like this would force a lot of people to have to think twice about what they say so as not to break the E8 rule (which is very strict in itself) and cause tension. I enjoy the freedom T+ gives over E8+, but as you said, sometimes things that are allowed in T+ can cause triggers, so it's up to what other people think. If something someone says upsets someone else, they should be asked to stop, and if they continue talking about it, then the problem lies with that person and not the desk's rating. This is just the experience I've had when working in dreams that changed the desk rating from T+ to E8+, not saying things can't work out differently!
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Propositions & Other suggestions. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Propositions & Other suggestions.   Propositions & Other suggestions. EmptyTue Apr 29, 2014 12:27 pm

Thank you! I spent forever writing all of them out, so I'm glad they're not terrible. xD; Also, I understand your concerns completely - and thank you for commenting. c:

I do see what you mean, and I agree it would be quite difficult and even a little bit confusing at first and I don't doubt that it will cause some fights in the short term. However, I wonder if the long term would be better, once people get used to it? What pushed me to actually suggest it, is the fact that someone was repeatedly being called a bitch and a whore at the desk. I wouldn't say it was excessive, but it happened a couple of times. There weren't many people around, nobody was complaining, and it seemed to be a nickname thing between them. I didn't think it was appropriate.

I understand that E8+ means everyone eight plus/and up, but to be honest, I feel like that's the maturity level of a lot of people at the desk. No offense is meant here, and I won't point out specific names - I'm sure you know them. << >> ..

I do agree that they should be asked to stop, but I don't believe they should have to have their hands held either and to be told what is, and what isn't okay, day and night. While, yes, staff are here to make sure everything is running smoothly - we're not babysitters their parents have hired, y'know?
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Propositions & Other suggestions. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Propositions & Other suggestions.   Propositions & Other suggestions. Empty

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Propositions & Other suggestions.
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