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 Dream is closed for good

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PostSubject: Dream is closed for good   Dream is closed for good EmptyFri Apr 03, 2015 4:43 am

I regret that it's gone this way but I will be no longer uploading The Complex, and the dream is permanently closed. I was hoping that I could re-open it, get some things done differently; however there's no point in uploading a dream for people to sit in and hang out if there's not going to be an owner there to help support it and do what an owner should do. I want to bring TC back, and be around but I just simply do not have the time or the energy to be running a dream and I'd rather not have it be uploaded but never be there for it, or the wonderful staff that would help me run it. Therefore since I do not have time, and I'm just over all not on furcadia in general it's best to just shut it down. I will not be passing it over to anyone, and the uploading name will remain in my possession. Perhaps later on when I actually can put time and effort into being online, helping out and making sure that I can actually be an owner of a dream with friends to run the dream I will think about it or starting a new dream. I just feel that since it's been months since anything has happened, and the fact that I'm rarely on furcadia that it'd be in the best interest to just shut it down and I really feel that honestly the dream should have just been shut down a long time ago. It's not fair to those who are really awesome staff members to keep them waiting on me, with me thinking that I can manage to upload a dream or run it when I, myself do not feel that way and can't even manage to keep myself on one mind set. So for those of you who put in support, time, care, and just over all were an amazing staff member I thank you for that and I'm sorry that I kept you waiting on something I should have taken a step back from. Generally I don't use furcadia so if I'm online, I'm usually AFK anyway on the rare chance that I'm actually there it's not for long. I only use Angel now and occasionally Nyu so if you guys want to whisper me, feel free too when I'm online. Some of you also have my email, and I try to check that when I remember.

"Life isn't about hating someone because no matter how bad that person has hurt you, or done something to you you won't ever stop loving them."

Dream is closed for good K0q048 Zero <33 Vampire Knight Forever
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PostSubject: Re: Dream is closed for good   Dream is closed for good EmptyThu Apr 16, 2015 1:33 pm

As upsetting as it is to hear this, to be honest, I believe that you're doing the right decision with this and I salute you for it. As fun as The Complex was, it's your health and matters of real-life that are far more important and I do wish you the best in everything. As you know, I'm behind you to support any decision you make. Of course, I have no doubts that the tables will turn and there will be a time for The Complex to re-open, in which I would hope there would be a bustle of staff members scrambling to help you out!

I, for one, am certainly one of them; though I do ask you send me a private message on the website, should you be wanting some help with TC in the future. The reason I ask this is, due to it closing and these forums being dead, I likely won't be checking them after this. PMing me will prompt an email to be sent to me, so I'll know when to come and check out the website!

Please don't be so harsh on yourself, dear; everyone makes mistakes and I doubt anyone will hold this against you. You come first and to be honest, I believe you're doing the right thing by closing it down and that's a hard decision to make. I respect you for not handing the dream to another, as well; too many times has it switched hands! ;;

I do hope to see you back in the future and please do take care. <3 Again, if you do decide to start the dream up, please pop me off a PM here.

I've added your alts to my pounce and I'll certainly whisper you to say hello, when I'm on! I'm on at strange times, however. But I'm mostly found on Ma Dai or Kirishima, nowadays. I do have 1-2 other alts I hide on when I'm not feeling too well, so I won't be listing those. But, if anyone needs me right away, just pop me off a PM for any reason. o u o <3
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Dream is closed for good
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