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 Dream Rules

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These rules MUST be followed at ALL times by everyone, including staff.


1: This is a T rated dream! This means there is to be no excessive mention of sexual references, constant swearing, yiffing in public areas, or anything else above a T rating. If this rule doesn't suit you, FurN has plenty of dreams that you can visit.

As furcadia puts it;
Content here may not be appropriate for younger players, and may contain crude humor, strong teenage language, mild swearing, mild and suggestive themes.
Definition of Mild: moderate in type or degree or effect or force; far from extreme.

2: Don't enter someone's apartment without permission. If the owner asks you to leave, then leave. If we have proof of you breaking and entering apartments and refusing to leave, you may be ejected from the dream.

3: Insulting staff members is a major offense. They are here to make the dream run more efficiently, and do not have to be subject to disrespect. If you are caught disrespecting a staff member you will be warned twice before being ejected from the dream. If you have a problem with a certain staff member, whisper Angel Feathers about it and she'll try to sort out the situation.

4: Do not spam the dream in any way, shape, or form - including but not limited to, advertisements and text. You will receive warnings before you are ejected or other punishment is given.  

5: You can only have one apartment at a time. And may not own apartments on alts, don't ask for another unless you put your apartment back up for rent by asking staff, or when you lose it at an apartment check. Please make sure that any apartment you ask for has a for rent sign infront of it! Apartments with sold signs or perm signs aren't up for sale!

6: E8+ at the desk. If you are found making obnoxiously crude sexual references, excessively swearing or going anything above a E8+ rating at the desk, you will be given two warnings before being ejected from the dream. If this becomes a daily occurrence you will be banned. As far as the E8 rule goes, that includes the lounge area above the desk, it's to be kept E8 as well.

7: The desk has an AFK time limit of 10 minutes. If you have afk'd over this amount of time while directly around the desk, you will be afk-pushed. There is a lounge area above the desk where people can sit and afk if you are going to be away from furcadia.

8: The desk is for help, not for chat. If you are going to sit there and chat only please move to the lounge area above the desk to chat, if it gets rather chatty and staff have to scroll up to see if there were any help requests, you will be asked to either take the chat else where, or move to the lounge area above the desk. If you fail to comply with these rules, you will be warned and ejected if you cannot behave.

9: Please do not be immature and rude at the desk. If you are in any way you will be asked to stop and if you continue to do so you will get a warning. Rack up to many warnings and you will be suspended.

Ex: Burping, Farting, Poop, anything else disgusting. It's not allowed at the desk and we don't need it at the desk.

The Complex is a drama-free zone. Keep it to yourself, we don't want any. If your going to be a drama diva, expect to get banned, and don't say we didn't warn you.

As for a side note on what we consider "Busy" at the desk, if there are more than 5 seats taken up at the desk by patrons then it's going to be classified as busy. That being noted, we really only need about 3-4 Staff members on duty at max, so if there are 3 people at the desk who are staff and are actually there, there doesn't really need to be anymore staff at the desk and they can sit in the above lounge area if they wish and chat.

Staff Rules

1: Staff are not allowed to create unwalkable floors or items in a apartment, even if it's a perm.

2: Be respectful to all guests and staff. This is one of my most enforced rules, and ignorance will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with someone, as long as they aren't breaking any rules, just walk away and whisper Angel Feathers about it when she's around. If someone is breaking a rule, however, act accordingly and give out warnings or ejections where they are due. Don't cause unnecessary drama.

3: Staff are not allowed to unlock patron's apartments at all, and if someone asks them to unlock a apartment they must get the person to verify two items within the apartment before it is unlocked.

4: Apartment checks are to be done with care. Don't just rush through them, because mistakes will happen. If you clear a perm by accident because of carelessness you will be given a warning. Rack up too many warnings and you'll face suspension. You won't have any problems if you just double check the yards of apartments and take things a little slow. :)

5: Rent apartments to whoever asks at the DESK, FIRST. This is to be fair; first come, first serve.

6: Do not abuse share. You will be either fired or ejected/banned.
Abuses of share include:
1.) Extending apartments.
2.) Using the !Summon command to summon furres somewhere without their permission. You must ask the person you are summoning for permission first before summoning them. In any case, do not use the summon command unless you have a valid reason for doing it, like moving someone to the lounge area or moving them out of the way of a door/walkway ect. Summoning people just to "Cuddle" or pull them away from others, isn't acceptable.

3.) Making dream wide emits for no reason at all, or have no relevance to the dream. Emits are only for important things like announcing a race, or when there's games going on in the item hunt or decorating lobby. Any other sort of emit is not allowed, for any reason what so ever. If you are caught making random emits that have no real purpose you will be warned.

7: Non-staff are NOT allowed behind the desk, ever. It doesn't matter how many people we have in the dream, even if there's only one person at the desk who isn't a staff and is/isn't afk. People who don't have share, do not need to be behind the desk, they don't work here, they didn't put in a application to work here, it's not allowed. Those who ignore these rules will be warned. I repeat again, they are NOT allowed to be behind the desk.

8: The desk is E8+ As far as the E8 limited goes, that includes the entire desk area, which means from the desk itself, to the lounge area is all E8. If you are found making obnoxiously crude sexual references, excessively swearing or going anything above a T+ rating at the desk, you will be given two warnings before being ejected from the dream. If this becomes a daily occurrence you will be banned.

9: Please do not AFK behind the desk, if you are going to afk for more then 10 minutes, afk in the lounge area above the desk that way you are out of the way and we don't have to afkpush/summon you to the lounge area.

If a staff member is abusing share or you feel they are abusing their share, please report it to one of the managers or a co-owner, or the owner so it can be handled accordingly. If you are unsure of who the higher ups are, I will include a list that way you know who to go too. If a manager or a co-owner is acting up, please report it to the Owner.

Owner: Angel Feathers
Co-Owner: Crystal15733
Managers: Zarekael, Kib, Feathertail.

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Dream Rules
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